First Aid At Sports Clubs

First Aid at Sports Clubs


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One of the most important members of any sports club or team is the designated sports first aider. This is someone who holds recognised first aid for sports qualifications and it is their job to provide advice, assistance and treatment for all club related injuries that may occur. The primary responsibility of a sports first aider is to make sure that an injured athlete gets effective attention immediately, as this will help to minimise the risk of an injury becoming worse.


Every sports club needs to have a modern first aid kit which is well equipped to deal with any related first aid situation. Trying to deal with a medical incident without the proper equipment can have serious consequences for an athlete s health, as well as possible legal ramifications. It is the designated sports first aider s responsibility to make sure that all first aid kits belonging to their club are adequately stocked, easily accessible and well maintained. It is very important that first aid kits are replenished with replacement items immediately after they have been used. Some first aid items are universal and are present in all types of first aid kits. Protective gloves are a vital part of any first aid kit and are used to prevent any cross contamination between the casualty and the first aider. Dressings of varying sizes are used to control bleeding and prevent infection. There are some items which are more specific to sports first aid kits as they are more related to first aid for sports. For example, soft tissue injuries are very common in sport, so cold packs and cold sprays are frequently included to help reduce swelling. Also, as most sports injuries happen outdoors, foil blankets are now a common feature of many sports first aid kits to help keep injured athletes warm.

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