Facts About Hospice And Palliative Care In Macon Ga

byAlma Abell

Palliative and Hospice care services are different even though they are often used in conjunction with one another. Hospice And Palliative Care in Macon GA is offered to patients with a range of serious to terminal illnesses. The following will cover the basic facts everyone should know about Hospice and palliative care.

How are Hospice and palliative care different?

Hospice services are primarily for terminally ill patients with only a few weeks or months to live. Palliative services are used in Hospice care to make the patient as comfortable as possible. Hospice care is often dependent upon palliative services.

Palliative care services is not exclusive to the terminally ill. It is also for patients suffering with any serious illness, at any age, and at any phase of the illness. It can be used alongside of other curative medical treatments and is not dependent on the long-term prognosis.

Who can receive Hospice and palliative care?

Hospice And Palliative Care in Macon GA encompass a variety of medical care services to aid patients. These services can be performed in a facility or for people who choose in-home care. Patients who cannot be moved from their homes can receive these medical services just like those who are in Hospice care or those who can get treatment in a facility.

People who experience pain, strange sensations, stress, and other symptoms related to their serious illness often utilize palliative services. Some of the illnesses where this care is used include AIDS, Alzheimer’s, cardiac disease, cancer, ALS, and kidney failure.

Patients in Hospice with a short time to live also suffer with some of the same illnesses as those receiving palliative care as well as other terminal illnesses. It is not uncommon for palliative care services to include help for the families of those in Hospice. Hospice And Palliative Care in Macon GA services can cover a wide scope of treatments that include physical, psychological, and spiritual care depending on the needs and desires of the patient and family.

Are these services covered by insurance?

Most insurance plans cover Hospice and palliative services, but it’s best to find out if your insurance provides such coverage. If not, it’s wise to add coverage or find other insurance coverage that will cover it just in case something happens to you or your loved ones. Hospice Care Options of Central Georgia accepts most major insurance plans and has facilities and agencies in the Macon and surrounding areas. Browse website for more information.